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Used OSSO Glass Partitioning

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We have recently cleared a small selection of used OSSO partitioning (approx. 16 panels including sliding doors), for anyone looking for a stylish office at a fraction of the new price please contact us for an individual quotation.

The first 2 pictures show the first room which consists of 4 PART FROSTED panels, 2 panels and 2 Doors.

2 x 2140mmH x 920mmW Doors

2 x 2140mmH x 1100mmW


The third picture shows the second room which consists of 6  PART FROSTED panels, 5 + 1 Door (and 2 small panels)


1x 2340mmH x 1200mmW

1 x 2340mmH x 1020mmW

1 x 2340mmH x 1195mmW

1 x 2340mmH x 900mmW

2 X 2340MMh X 854mmW (Sliding Doors)


The forth picture shows the third room which consists of 7 panels, 5 + 2 Doors


1 x 2267mmH x 1100mmW

1 x 2267mmH x 835mmW

2 X 2267mmH X 1175mmW

2 X 2267mmH x 900mmW (Sliding Doors)

1 x 2267mmH X 985mmW

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Used OSSO Glass Partitioning

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